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Walking Stick Self Defense

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This is an excellent course for missionary's having to deal with unknown hostile situations in the field.

This course will teach you how to look for and avoid danger. You will learn to manage a hostile situation from a Biblical perspective. When it is time to defend yourself, you will find that a walking stick is a very good deterrent.

This course includes the following Modules:
Module 1 - Theory
Introduction - What you will learn and why
Justification of Self Defense - A Biblical Perspective
Mind your Surroundings - This will keep you safe

Module 2 -Training
The Self Defense System
Self Defense - When things go Live

Module 3 - Equipment
Training Aids
Training Stick - Construction & Purchasing

| 9 video lessons | 26 page PDF printable manual | 90 minuets runtime |

This courses will be available in the "My Courses" portal once purchased.

This is not a martial arts course.
This information is NOT intended to be used to deliberately cause harm.
The Academy of Light does not condone violence in any form. The content provided here is for informational purposes only. We take no responsibility if you injure yourself whilst following any of the instructions in this manual and or accompanying videos.

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