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The Academy of Light

Some time ago in a visitation the Lord commissioned me to establish a virtual Academy of Light. That is, a world wide training school, though not a school in the traditional sense as all training is available online.

He showed me in a dream DVD quality video streaming directly into homes all over the world. In the dream I saw over one million people enrolled in the courses. I saw material being downloaded into cell groups in the most remote areas of the world, as well as highly populated cities. I saw training manuals downloaded into cell groups in China and many other nations.

The Academy of Light
The Academy of Light is an End time Training facility using the Internet and Satellite transmission which can be received direct to television sets and computer screens worldwide. Its purpose is to train and prepare Christians and non Christians for the end-times. As well as providing a great evangelistic outreach to the nations.

In the dream the Lord showed me a Satellite Dish with a huge angel standing next to it and written over it were the words "A Prophetic Voice to the Nations".

We will bring to you the best secular and spiritual training available, by those with a proven track record.

The Lord has made it very clear that the time for this in now.