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Our Finest Hour

A Bi-Monthly Magazine
There is so much confusion out there in the Christian scene as to what God is saying and what He expects of us in these difficult times. I trust that you will be blessed by the articles which are written by ministries that have a proven track record in communicating to the body of Christ what the Lord is saying to us in this present time.

The Name “Our Finest Hour” refers to the fact that the true church is entering a period of time in which it will be known as and enshrined in the eternal halls of fame in heaven. “That this was the churches finest hour” The best is yet to come and we are now embarking on a period of time where the church will rise to all that God has purposed for her.

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Volume Three


Our Finest Hour 3.1

Issue 3.1 - February 2018

Our Finest Hour 3.2

Issue 3.2 - May 2018


Our Finest Houre 3-3

Issue 3.3 - July






Volume Two


Vol 2.1

Issue 2.1 - January 2017

Our Finest Hour 2-2

Issue 2.2 - March 2017

Issue 2.3 - May 2017

Vol 2.4

Issue 2.4 - August 2017

Our Finest Hour Vol2-5

Issue 2.5 - October 2017


Volume One

Our Finest Hour 1-1

Issue 1.1 - December 2015

Issue 1.2

Issue 1.2 - February 2016

Issue 1.3

Issue 1.3 - April 2016


Issue 1.4 - June 2016

Issue 1.5

Issue 1.5 - September 2016