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End-Time Preparedness Live Streaming

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End-Time Preparedness Urban Survival Live Streaming

Virtually Join us in Brisbane July 4–5th 2020, for interact live online training for the event "End-Time Preparedness - Urban Survival".

This will be an intensive course with a total of 10 sessions over the two days to prepare God’s people for the climactic finale to the greatest story ever told.  We will provide insight, expertise, and most all HOPE as we approach the End of Days.


  1. Discount to a range of related books and materials from the Academy of Light web site during the event.
  2. Interact with speakers using live chat, polls and Q&A in selected sessions.
  3. Video on Demand is included in the purchases of this Live Stream school. This will be available in the following week for you to view this event again.

**You must create an account with a username and password on our site to be able to purchase Live Streaming. You will be sent an email with the link to the streaming service one week before this event starts.

Terms and Conditions
The Academy of Light will strive to provide Live Streaming to license holders (those who have purchased live streaming from The Academy of Light) from the start of the first speaker until the end of the school to the extent possible by all means under The Academy of Light's control. Because of the variables and nature of technology, The Academy of Light makes no warranties about the consistency of the live stream and can take no responsibility for dropouts in the live stream, or other unforeseen interruptions to service. The Academy of Light also cannot take any responsibility for the integrity of the user’s hardware (computer or device), the user’s internet signal bandwidth, or any other consideration outside of the control of The Academy of Light. For this reason, The Academy of Light is providing VOD (Video on Demand) to allow streaming purchasers to view any missed content after the school. The Academy of Light purchases streaming spots in advance. As such, there are absolutely no refunds for streaming. The Academy of Light may substitute a Video on Demand of the school at its sole discretion should The Academy of Light not be able to provide Live Streaming to customers.